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Today’s office environment requires pieces which can accommodate a diverse workforce, demonstrate multiple uses, last well and look great. In addition, a growing emphasis on employee health means furniture must be adjustable and ergonomically designed to promote wellbeing.

Cutting Edge Height Adjustable Office Furniture:

We know that furniture needs to be easily modifiable to suit people of all shapes and sizes. A modern electric Height Adjustable Desk has the potential to not only be height adjustable, the surface angle can also be easily altered. Cutting-edge office chairs have moveable back pads, in addition to adjustable arm rests and variable seat height if required. The combination of a height adjustable desk and a chair which can be individually altered to suit its occupant is a popular choice, as it allows employees to work comfortably whilst seated as well as giving them the option to stand should they wish.

Attractive , Stylish, Height Adjustable Desks:

The enhanced well-being which comes with using furniture which can be customised to individual preferences has been well-documented. Despite their beneficial action, the electric height adjustable desks and customisable chairs you’ll find on our pages look nothing like therapeutic aids. Incorporating the simple, appealing lines and natural textures and materials which are a hallmark of Scandinavian design, the furniture we provide is styled to give a pleasing contemporary ambience to your work environment. The pieces blend effortlessly with a variety of different décors, enabling you to make them an attractive and highly functional part of your interior space.

"Stand More, Sit Less", With Somercourt's High Quality Standing Desks.

The ethos of “stand more, sit less” is growing in popularity and can be applied throughout the building. If you are keen to embrace the trend of reduced sitting during the day, consider rise and fall tables in the board room, stand up desks in reception and an adjustable desk or two in breakaway spaces or multi-use office accommodation. Why not consider a combination of sit stand desks with comfortable seating to allow meetings to be held either standing or sitting as people prefer? New technological developments in the arena of office furniture are beautifully showcased in our tempting range of appealing and versatile pieces.