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Somercourt has been retailing Standing Desks online since 2007 . Somercourt Limited  was established in 1993  as a Office Interiors company . The domain name www.somercourt.co.uk being created in November 1997. So we have been around a while!

When we first started we found that there was not a lot of choice in Height Adjustable Desks  but what choice there was tended to be of Danish or Scandinavian origin. Not a problem but a limited product range. 

We built up strong relationshipships with companies such as Lanab, Holmris, Actiforce and Conset all producing good quality product using mainly Danish made components. In the early days customers were limited by the top shapes and finishes available but at Somercourt we decided to provide a product mix more dedicated to the UK market .

Choice was limited and the internet was still in its infancy . Somercourt decided to provide product online and built a completely new website dedicated to only Height Adjustable Desks needless to say heightadjustabledesks.com was born. Heightadjustabledesks.com is a UK manufacturer of Standing Desks using British Steel and Danish Mechanisms in the production of World Class Standing Desks.

The market place soon began to get confused with different names for the Standing Desk. Standing Desk is an American term which has caused some confusion when UK buyers try to buy a Standing Desk only to find they land on an American Website. In Scandinavia the Standing Desk is known as a Sit Stand Desk, whilst here in the UK we know them as Height Adjustable Desks.

To add even more confusion along comes the Desk Riser which is basically a desk top device to provide a rising desk facility at budget prices, although some of them are very expensive. But the confusion that is created, is that they too are known as Standing Desks or Height Adjustable Desks.

The market has grown progressively since 2008, but in 2014 we all became more conscious of sitting too long at our workplace and the mass media started to highlight the medical issues and the devices that may help prevent these problems.

Quality and Reliability are now factors that must be borne in mind before making what should still be a considered purchase. Before you buy check the guarantee and the makers pedigree, in our experience buying cheap does mean buying twice and when your Standing Desk breaks down it will do so at the most inconvenient time and can create considerable frustration if you cannot get hold of who you bought the desk from.

This is where everything has changed. With the entry into the market of the Chinese manufacturers the products have become cheaper and more varied . The market is now flooded with Stand Desk products of all types and decriptions, making the buyers job so much more difficult but as in so many aspects of life there will be mistakes and lets hope they are not expensive mistakes that will create uncertainty about product quality and ability. At Somercourt we have tried and tested most variations of the Standing Desk and with this in mind do now consider ourselves as specialists in the Standing Desk, Sit Stand Desk and Height Adjustable Desk Market.