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Ergonomics Unwrapped & The Conset 501 17

06th Nov 2013
Conset 501-17

Anyone who has ever looked at an office furniture or reception furniture catalogue can’t help but notice the preponderance of the word “ergonomic”. It crops up everywhere; “ergonomic design”, “ergonomic seating” and “ergonomic action” are now commonplace descriptors for a huge variety of desks, chairs and office equipment. So, what does “ergonomic” mean? What added value does an ergonomic item bring to your working environment? Also, crucially, is it worth paying more for an ergonomically designed desk or chair? Take a few moments to get clued up on the following key facts about ergonomics and your furniture choices.


Ergonomics Matter

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ergonomics is “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”. Despite its dubious image of men in white coats with clip boards, pens and stop watches, scrutinising your every move and suggesting alarming methods to shave seconds off your bathroom breaks, ergonomics has yielded many innovations in the office arena. Some cutting-edge furniture designs have come about in response to ergonomic studies demonstrating the importance of good posture and identifying body areas most at risk from prolonged sitting.

Ergonomics are Good for Everybody

Ergonomically designed furniture enables workers to do more for longer by providing a comfortable working environment which minimises strain on the body. This not only results in workers being more productive, giving a company more return for their staffing investment; it also means employers are demonstrably reducing any risk factors in working conditions likely to cause injury. This is a crucial factor in light of health and safety legislation and the popularity of corporate injury lawsuits.

Conset 501 17, The Ultimate in Desk Ergonomics

Not only does ergonomically designed furniture promote effective working and provide superb comfort, it also looks fantastically chic and modern. The Conset 501-17 Sit Stand Adjustable Desk, for example, uses the simple lines typical of acclaimed Danish furniture coupled with warm wood veneers and melamine faced finishes to create a classically attractive piece which wouldn’t look out of place in an Interior Design magazine. The straight-forward electronic height adjustment mechanism of the Conset 501-17 is smooth and virtually silent, whilst front castors allow easy manoeuvrability around the office. Combining form and function beautifully, Conset have used ergonomics to transform the humble desk into a spectacularly versatile piece which showcases contemporary style.
Good looking, giving awesome performance and superbly comfortable to operate as well as better for you, it’s no wonder ergonomic office furniture is popular with employers and employees alike.