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Holmris Q10: Fantasy Office Furniture

08th Nov 2013
holmris q10
Imagine for a moment that money is not an issue. Pretend that you have an infinite budget and unqualified licence to shop where you wish for the ultimate office furniture. Indulge yourself in fine finishes, luxuriously understated design lines and flawless function which enable you to work more comfortably and productively than ever before. Done dreaming? Now see how leading Danish furniture manufacturers have created the pieces of your furniture fantasies for a price that puts them within the reach of even the most parsimonious budget.

Work in Sumptuous Comfort With the Holmris Q10

When you’re working, comfort is crucial. Long hours of concentration and effort require furniture which protects vulnerable areas and allows your muscles to operate naturally without the need for distracting wriggling. This is why the best desks and office seating from Denmark has been ergonomically designed to give the user an optimal working environment. Sit stand desks, such as the Holmris Q10, have been refined and modified repeatedly in order to achieve their current high specifications. Capable of being minutely adjusted quickly and easily using a quiet electric motor, the Holmris Q10 can be transformed in seconds from a sitting desk to a higher table for comfortable standing.

Holmris Q10, Love the Look?

Like many other Danish exports, Danish office furniture has a contemporary elegance which never seems to go out of style. Much of their furniture is available in different formats but a uniform style, enabling office managers to select items which complement each other perfectly. Each desk is offered in a wide selection of finishes and colours. The Holmris Q10, for example, can be ordered with a laminate or a wood veneer surface, as well as three different frame colours. The designs are simple enough to work well in numerous settings and the furniture can be configured into new layouts easily as the requirements of your business change.

Improve Performance

It’s hard to resist furniture which has been proven to enable workers to be more productive. Increased output is always a desirable outcome of the office environment. When you opt for Danish furniture, not only does it give employees improved wellbeing through its comfort and versatility, it also enables them to work harder for longer, minimising the distractions which discomfort can bring.
If you build castles in the air, then make sure they’re filled with superb Danish office furniture, for a fantastic fusion of function and form.