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Holmris Q20: Furniture Which Saves You Money

08th Nov 2013
holmris q20
Running a business is expensive, so any sensible employer is always keen to look at ways to cut costs whilst maximising profitability. A wise business owner also knows that retaining motivated and productive staff by making them feel valued is absolutely critical to continued success. Balancing profits against investment in personnel is always tricky, which is why it’s always good news when an innovative method of doing so is found. Amazingly, clever Danish furniture companies have come up with just that; office furniture which is comfortable and attractive, whilst minimising the risk of injury and maximising productivity.

Slash Work Related Injury Claims and Sickness Levels

Ergonomically designed Danish office furniture, such as the Holmris Q20 sit stand desk, has been developed in response to numerous studies highlighting the exact designs and functionalities which provide the best working environment. Ergonomically created furniture is developed using a detailed knowledge of anatomy in order to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries or back problems; two of the most common work related ailments which can result in extensive sick leave and expensive legal action.

Improve productivity with The Holmris Q20

Well-designed furniture which enables someone to maintain good posture for a protracted period of time is rare, so it’s no wonder that users of ergonomic furniture give such positive feedback. Made to optimise comfort, an adjustable desk such as the Holmris Q20 and an appropriately supportive chair can result in significantly improved productivity. The Holmris Q20 sit stand desk can be smoothly elevated using a low-noise electric motor in seconds. This allows employees to complete tasks standing up, increasing the range of work they can do as well as enabling them to sit or stand as they prefer.

Comply with Legislation

In the past couple of decades there has been a considerable increase in workplace legislation relating to the provision of an appropriate office environment for a diverse workforce. Many items of ergonomic furniture can be almost instantly altered to suit a wide variety of different people, including wheel chair users and others who are differently abled. Ergonomic furniture is also created with safety a priority, which makes it ideal for any modern office.
Contemporary, comfortable office furniture is essential for good worker morale, high productivity and minimal sickness. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that demand is high as employers rush to get their orders in.