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Enjoy the Best of Danish With The Conset 501 27

15th Nov 2013

conset 501-27


The UK has had a relationship with Denmark for thousands of years, with Viking traders a key part of coastal life in the North East of England since Roman times. Inevitably there have been various ups and downs over the centuries, but the most dominant feature of our association with Denmark, enjoyment of their exports, has persisted. From furniture to bacon, Denmark produces the finest. Detailed below are just a few of the reasons why Denmark is one of the largest exporters of superlative office furniture in the world.


Danish Furniture Looks Good

Danish furniture has changed significantly over past decades. Traditional pine wood items have been gradually superseded by more modern materials and innovative design features, whilst still retaining the classic lines and expert use of wood to achieve a natural finish that is enduringly appealing. The Conset 501-27 Sit Stand Desk, for example, is offered in a range of wood veneers and variously hued laminate surfaces which will complement any palette. The desk legs can also be ordered in different colours, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your décor and other furniture.

Each Piece is Created for Optimal Performance

In the office, function is as important as appearance, which is where Danish innovation really shines. Relying heavily on ergonomic studies in their design process, cutting-edge Danish firms like Conset are producing desks and chairs which are proven to improve posture, reduce the risk of injury and provide increased comfort for a wide range of workers and tasks.
With the provision of a healthy, safe working environment a legal requirement for employers, Danish furniture is an excellent investment to demonstrate commitment to workers’ wellbeing.


Individuality Rocks

The amazingly versatile nature of Danish office furniture allows it to be used by virtually anybody in a safe, productive manner. With the current fashion for hot desking, finding pieces which can form a suitable work station for a diverse workforce is absolutely vital. For many jobs, a Conset 501-27 Sit Stand Desk gives increased flexibility by enabling workers to adjust the desk height to their exact requirements. This allows both sitting and standing chores to be undertaken. It also enables wheelchair users and workers of differing heights to adjust the desk to their exact specifications.
Appealing, adaptable and always amazing, Danish office furniture is an absolute essential for any office environment which aspires to share those traits.