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Five Top Tips for Picking Office Furniture Winners

15th Nov 2013
Picking the right office furniture can be quite a challenge, particularly in these difficult economic times when everyone is working within strict financial constraints.
If you’re an office manager tasked with transforming your working environment on a shoestring budget, we’re here to help make your task easier by giving you five top tips for achieving an attractive, functional office without breaking the bank.

1. Versatility is Vital

Because office requirements change, it’s crucial that your furniture can look good and perform well in a range of settings. Modern alterations in working practices, including the rise in flexible working arrangements, mean desks and chairs need to be adaptable to different people. Firms such as Conset and Holmris produce a fantastic range of adjustable desks and chairs which are ideal for accommodating a diverse workforce.

2. Size Matters

It’s common sense to measure your office and plan a layout which fits within its constraints, but what happens if you need to move premises or an additional reception area or breakaway room is required? Choosing modular furniture which can also stand alone is an excellent investment. Alternatively, consider finding a stockist of adjustable furniture by manufacturers such as Conset, which can be altered to fit different locations.


3 Ergonomic Essentials

Ergonomic furniture consists of pieces which are designed to facilitate efficient, productive working. Danish furniture manufacturers are particularly talented in producing high-quality office furniture which promotes good posture and enables workers to comfortably stay at their desks for longer. Particularly where prolonged periods of sitting are a job requirement, consider a Holmris or Conset dealer for an excellent selection.

4. Looks Hot

Appearance matters to everybody. Not only will office furniture form part of the overall impression clients have of your business, but employees also benefit from a stylish, attractive working environment. The clean, contemporary lines of Danish furniture offer a beguiling, modern look which is instantly appealing.

5. Durable Design

Office furniture often comes in for rough treatment, so ensure the items you select are purpose-built to cope with the demands of the workplace. A specialist office furniture supplier is usually the best place to go to locate tough pieces which incorporate the strong materials, scratch-resistant finishes and sturdy fastenings which are essential for items which will last.
Following these top tips will result in attractive office furniture which can play an important role in your company’s continued success.