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Reception Counters

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Increase Flexibility with a Modular Reception Counter

When it comes to reception furniture, your reception counter needs may change as your business requirements vary. If this is the case in your premises, then modular furniture could be the solution. Designed to fit seamlessly together, modular wooden reception counters come in different shapes, enabling you to build customised furniture layouts which exactly meet your needs. We stock a good range of reception desks and counters, all of which are constructed using the highest quality materials and a superior build quality. Our easy ordering system enables you to buy reception counter furniture as well as acquiring high-calibre chairs, coffee tables and storage options.

Why not Consider a Curved Reception Counter?

Modern reception counter furniture now comes in a selection of ground-breaking designs which offer unparalleled versatility and stunning visual impact. If your business is keen to market itself as a forward-thinking, progressive organisation, a modern reception counter is a key part of conveying the appropriate image. Our downloadable Catalogue displays an extensive selection of reception furniture, including cutting-edge Danish imports and stylish, highly functional products which are manufactured in the UK. We also have a selection of budget reception desks for those on a limited budget. We can accommodate orders of all sizes, so whether you need one counter or twenty, we will supply what you’re looking for.

Small Reception Counter Options Available

When space is at a premium, sometimes it can be challenging to find reception counter suppliers who have the right products for your office. We know that small is beautiful and have sourced an excellent selection of reception counters which are designed for cosier premises or other environments where space is at a premium. As well as counters, our stock includes chairs, storage options and other office furniture which is all scaled to look right with a smaller counter, giving you the seamless, coordinated look you want to achieve.