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Hot, Affordable and Infinitely Versatile – Have it All With a Standing Desk!

19th Mar 2014

Whether you’ve decided to invest in a sit stand desk because of a desire to adopt a healthier posture and position whilst at your computer, or because your work can only be properly undertaken whilst standing up, you’ll be amazed by the cutting-edge design and superlative features which are characteristic of standing desk office furniture. You will find unparalleled adjustability and versatility, enabling you to find a standing desk which will fit anywhere. Coupled with a range of attractive contemporary finishes, it’s no wonder standing desks are the new must-have office accessory.

The Conset 501-19 Does it All

If you want a standing desk which is customisable to meet your exact requirements, then they don’t come much more adaptable than the Conset 501-19. Starting at the bottom, you can select the base to suit the size and type of work surface that you need. Both curved and straight versions are offered, along with optional castors for easy moving if needed. The work surface can be shaped to meet your needs, with both the height and width being customisable. If you want the surface of your standing desk to be tilted, the Conset 501-19 can easily accommodate you. Providing a standing desk whose height can be varied from 680mm to 1200mm, both the base and the surface come in a choice of finishes to match your individual décor.

Enjoy a Stand Up Desk for Less

For businesses on a budget (and in these tough economic times who isn’t?) investing in a stand up desk such as the Conset 501-7 is a fantastic way of obtaining all the health and productivity benefits which a standing desk can bring without breaking the bank. The stand up desk offers many of the features which pricier models offer, but for only slightly more than a modest £350. The smooth, quiet electric motor, customisable work surface and selection of modern colours are all characteristic of a high end piece of office furniture carefully crafted from durable materials. Fully guaranteed and easy to install, this is a versatile desk which can be used in any office environment.

Share the Benefits of Standing With Others

If you want to spread the news about the benefits of standing desks without saying a word, why not amaze and delight colleagues and visitors with a height adjustable meeting table? These handy items are stylish enough for the most prestigious board room, whilst housing a discreet electronic control which can swiftly adjust them to a suitable height for a productive and comfortable standing meeting. With all the advantages of a stand up desk but built for sharing, a table which offers flexible height options is a fantastic item of office furniture to have at your disposal.

With so many superb models to choose from, more and more people are opting to give their office a cutting-edge look whilst showcasing the latest in ergonomically designed furniture by selecting a sit stand desk.