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Getting around the site...

If you have clicked onto this page it means that you would like some help with finding the products or services that you require.


The front or home page is where we start. To get to the home page, if you have arrived on a product page, is to click the little house symbol at the left hand side of the category bar.
On the front page you will see six categories images. Click the image of the category you prefer and it will take you to a broadsheet of images of products within that section. Alternatively hover your mouse over the top bar with the categories stated , when this happens a drop down menu will appear and in you go !

When you see an image that you like just Click Again and the image will open up more details about the product set out in sections, ie More Images, Technical Data and Delivery Procedures. Click Again for an even larger images,these can be saved to your desktop or printed out.

Ordering Online.

If you wish to place an order or make an enquiry online, then we have tried to make this easy by adding an ORDER ONLINE tab next to every product. Please complete the simple questionnaire and submit it to us. A customer services representative will then contact you to clarify your order and answer any questions you may have about your product and collect your payment in person. Due to the sometimes extensive options available on our products, we want to ensure that no errors are made thereby enhancing the efficiency of our service. We do accept credit and debit cards as well as BACS or cheque.


If you have a good idea about either the name of the product, the style, the manufacturer or any relevant information. Then go to the top of the page on the right hand side and put the information into the box and press go. A full list will be created against your search criteria and you can then select from the list and go straight to the product.


If you click the sitemap text on the left hand side of the page you will see a list of every product on the site. Just click your preference and we will take you to the product. don`t forget to click the image for more details about the product.


Just under the large telephone number on the home / front page there is a high lit e mail address [email protected] just click that text and you will see an e mail page. Just complete your details or any questions that you have and send it to us. We promise that we will reply.


The online catalogue can be downloaded from the front page. Just click where on the banner image that reads Free Catalogue and we will do the rest.


Where you see the link symbol just Click and it will take you to more images or further information about the product or service that we provide

If you have any problems viewing our products, please call us and we will be glad to assist.

We hope this helped!

Thank You

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