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Why Modern Lifestyles Are Fundamentally Unhealthy?

10th Feb 2014

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Step Carefully Away – Your Chair Can be a Killer

If you thought that a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and adequate sleep were enough to ward off ill-health, then it’s time to think again. A number of different researchers have published findings which indicate that all your efforts could be in vain if you are also spending more than four hours a day sitting down. People who tended to sit at their desks for protracted periods of time, or enjoyed regular marathon TV sessions sat on the sofa were found to be significantly more likely to develop a whole host of nasty conditions.

Modern Lifestyles Are Fundamentally Unhealthy...

According to the published studies, sitting for more than four hours a day gave people an increased risk of Type II Diabetes, heart disease, joint and muscle problems, some cancers and obesity. These frightening findings are particularly worrying for the millions of people who work in office environments where seated productivity is the norm. It’s easy enough to perform more leisure pastimes whilst standing and make changes to your commuting methods to facilitate more active travel, but these alterations will make only a slight difference unless ways are found to spend more of the working day vertical.

A Change in Work Culture is Needed

The time to start standing more at work is now! There’s normally no reason why meetings, presentations and staff briefings can’t be held whilst standing. Although initially a novel concept, many well-known and well respected people have always held meetings standing up, on the basis that it improves concentration and normally results in work being progressed at a faster rate than during lengthier sit down affairs. Make the effort to walk to pass messages to colleagues or collect the post; every minute spent upright helps chip away at those risky hours spent slouched in your chair.

The Correct Office Furniture is Vital

If you are going to work standing up, a work surface at the correct height is crucial. For both sitting and standing computer operation, the screen should be at eye level whilst the keyboard should be at a comfortable height for typing. A sit stand desk can be minutely adjusted to provide just the right level for either standing or sitting activity. These desks are easy and quick to alter. An anti-fatigue mat is a superb purchase for providing additional comfort and assisting in maintaining an evenly balanced position.
sit stand desks
In addition to standing more, moving more is also a way of keeping your body in top condition. Whether standing or sitting, taking time regularly (between every twenty to forty minutes) to change position and do a few straight-forward stretching exercises helps enhance blood flow and minimises the risk of postural problems. Reassuringly, many people who have tried working whilst standing and taking regular movement breaks have found that their work output actually increases, as they feel more focussed and energetic. Why not step away from the chair and see how beneficial a predominantly vertical existence can be?